Co-founder of Hublot51, Sandra is a dedicated and determined. She ensures that every detail is handled throughout her events. Always solution-oriented, her thoughtful leadership allows her to both deliver results and be mindful of everyone’s wellbeing. The wealth of experience gained over the past decade in the production of shows, in tour management, in communications and in artist management has given her great a lot of versatility. This path has been paved by her passion to follow a concept from inception to completion, adding her personal touch along the way. Her positive and enthusiastic attitude guides her every decision and is highly contagious among team members. 


Co-founder of Hublot51, Pierre-Luc is a cheerful fella who instills confidence and is in control. His rational mind allows him to make sound decisions and his touch of creative madness makes him push the boundaries and reinvent himself. He is always on the lookout for new trends and technologies that motivate him to get his colleagues to step outside their comfort zone and explore innovative approaches. Pierre-Luc masters the art of meditation, always lends an attentive ear and treats everyone with respect. He has built his experience over the years through touring with various artists. He is now leading the production of large-scale events, whether on arena tours, festivals and special events… He was awarded the Félix for best sound engineer of the year at the 2016 Gala de l’ADISQ. 

With a background originally in business management and cinema, Sara-Eve with many years of experience in production management, executive management, tour management is the miss sunshine at Hublot51. She has led the production direction on various projects from Montreal Jazz Festival through various documentaries. Currently working as Executive Producer and Tour Manager for Charlotte Cardin, she rules with logistics and wellbeing always in mind.  

Technical director and production manager for Hublot51, Hugues has worked on many stages around the world. He is well-rehearsed in all aspects of touring from transport, technic, logistics and budgeting. Being very pragmatic, he tries to keep focus on balancing human resources, economic efficiency and keeping artistic sensibilities to the forefront of his work. He is always eager to learn about new technologies and hearing new ideas brought to the table. 

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